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New to CrossFit or a veteran lifter, Nutrition is important for quality performance! We are here to help you better understand how to best fuel your body in order to perform at your best in the gym and in life! 

Nutrition is the foundation of our health, and proper nutrition is required for the best athletic performance. Nutrition is "fuel" We must eat quality meals to gain energy, burn fat, and maximize athletic performance. We need to focus on eating fresh, whole, and minimally processed foods.


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We are committed to our athletes. We offer fresh home-cooked meal prepping that provides nutritious meals to fuel your fitness journey! Our hassle-free meals are ready to go and will save you time by cutting out shopping, cooking, and prepping for the week. We focus on eating healthy, incorporating balance into our lives, and giving our bodies everything it needs, in order to perform at our optimal best.

We offer healthy prepared meals for your convenience! All you have to do is heat and eat! Menu items vary from week to week and are posted every Wednesday within our Facebook group. Simply comment your order below the menu post by Saturday and your meals will be ready for pick up by Tuesday morning at the gym!


If you have any questions please let us know!

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